Who is the Sleep Geek?

I am James Wilson AKA The Sleep Geek and I am a Sleep Practitioner, Sleep Educator and Sleep Environment Expert.

As the 3rd generation of my family to be involved in the production of sleep products it was embarrassing to share with people that I suffered from insomnia. From my earliest memory I couldn’t sleep. Finally in my mid-twenties I found the drive to solve my problem and that led to me training as a practitioner to help others. As well as helping people sleep better, I help companies produce products, services and environments that help people get the sleep they deserve through my company The Sleep Lab. This gives me a unique understanding of sleep and makes me one of a kind as a practitioner.

 I trained with The Children's Sleep Charity and I currently help them deliver their services across the UK; helping children and their families sleep better and training healthcare professionals in providing sleep support. 

Alongside this I work as a private practitioner and I have a wide range of experience. I have worked with:

  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adults
  • Professionals
  • Sports People & Teams

I take an approach that is tailored to the individual and look at ensuring the sleep environment is right, that the pre sleep routine is perfect so the individual will be relaxed before bed.

As someone who has struggled with insomnia in the past I have experienced the frustration and the sheer struggle that life becomes when you have a sleep issue.

Alongside my practitioner work I also provide training for those who are involved in the world of sleep. For example:

  • Bed/Furniture Retailers
  • Healthcare Organisations
  • Gyms/Fitness Professionals/Personal Trainers
  • Hotels

I can help companies understand how the science of sleep helps their customers.

If you have any questions, whether you are a private individual, a company in the sleep industry wanting to train your staff in all things sleep, a corporate looking to help your staff stay healthy, a sports team wanting to give your elite atheletes that extra edge or a hotel wanting to give your guests the perfect sleep experience I would love to hear from you.

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