The title says it all. Some of the claims by these new-fangled one product mattress offerings that are creating lots of consumer, and investor interest are misplaced and, dare I say it, a little misleading. So let’s have a look at some of their claims.

They Save You Money

For a start most of them claim that they are doing you, the consumer, a favour by cutting out that pesky retailer who adds loads of money onto the cost of your mattress. They tell you this means they are giving you a better price than your local bed shop could for a similar product. Well I can tell you that most of the well-known one mattress offerings, Eve, Simba, Leesa, are getting their mattresses made by well-established mattress manufacturers. One by Made is the only one of the well-known brands offering a direct to market mattress whose manufacturer I don’t know. When I rang their customer line they told me it was made in the UK and I have been told it is being made by a UK manufacturer but I haven’t been able to confirm either of these things.
These companies are retailers, just like your local bed shop and what they don’t spend on premises and staff costs they spend on online marketing.
We've Developed The Perfect Mattress- So It Will Be Just Right For You
Whether their claim is;

“We’ve tried all the mattresses so you don’t have to” (they haven’t.)

“99% of people will love this mattress” (seriously, they won’t, some people will, some people won’t but it will not be 99%.)

“We have profiled 10 million people to develop this mattress” (well done but this is irrelevant, you can test every single person in the world it doesn’t mean the mattress will be right for me.)

They are trying to convince you to give it a go. The most surprising thing about these offerings is that they are all so similar. Eve, Leesa, Caspar and The One all have the same materials and similar construction. The quality may differ but I would guess they are all not that different in terms of feel and support.
But don’t think I am hammering these companies for the sake of it. I am just trying to shine a light behind the marketing and spin, the sizzle these companies are putting on their offerings. The mattress industry is unique in that pretty much all the products look the same and you only have the company’s marketing to know whether a mattress will do what it claims

So, Why Would You Buy One?

The massive, absolutely industry changing part of their offering is their money back guarantees. I love the idea of giving people a chance to try a mattress in their home. Lying on the mattress for 20 minutes in a shop does not replicate a month’s worth of sleeping on the mattress every night and it gives consumers a real chance to make sure the mattress is right for them. Bed shops who do not let you bring the mattress back will tell you that trying in the shop will tell you what you don’t like about the mattress. That’s great, but it won’t help you decide if the mattress is right for you, night after night.

So this is how I would use them if I was a consumer. If you want an alright mattress, you don’t have any particular sleep issues (such as allergies, back problems or temperature issues) and you don’t mind paying a little bit more than for a similar mattress from a traditional bed store then I would give it a go. And if you don’t like it and it doesn’t offer what you need then make sure you send it back.
There you go, don’t listen to most of the marketing speak they are throwing at you, but if you want an ok mattress and don’t have any particular sleep issues then this mattress might be the one for you. But it isn’t as life changing as they are making out.

Hope this helps!

Sleep Well,

The Sleep Geek