One thing that is really getting on my wick right now is the idea that we can hack sleep. The idea that you can “cheat” or “trick” sleep seems to be the preserve of Tim Ferris (don’t know who he is? Look him up) wannabees who think they can spin a shortcut to a better night’s sleep. And you know what? I have probably been guilty of using the phrase at times. Maybe I was asked to provide a sleep hack by someone interviewing me on radio, or a blog I wrote might have used this despicable phrase. But I will say it here and I will say it now. No more sleep hacks!

There are no short cuts to a better night's sleep. It is quite boring. You need to put in place a routine that suits you and leads you to falling asleep at a time your body is tired. There should be environmental and behavioural cues in there and your sleep environment should be conducive to a good night’s sleep. If these two things are right then it will help you be relaxed. On top of this any negative thoughts around sleep need to be addressed and an experienced sleep practitioner can help you address any negativity around bedtime and your bedroom.

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