So the sleep Issue I have, the one that drove me to become a practitioner is that I wake early and struggle to go back to sleep. I pretty much have it under control now but from time to time it flares up.
At the moment my sleep environment has changed as baby sleep geek Is still in with us (which I love) but it means I can’t have the radio on; this how I used to deal with it.
I have tried other techniques such as “the”technique which does work but its effectiveness wares off as you get used to it.
So there I was reading an article in the Harvard Business Review about the effect blue light on sleep (as you do;) in it was a great little technique for dealing with waking up in the night. To stop the negative thoughts popping into your brain repeat a line out of a song! I have tried it a few times and it works. The beauty is unlike other techniques it has loads of different possibilities so you can’t get used to the technique. One tip: make sure the song has happy or neutral memories for you. Something that links to a sad time won’t work!
The line I went for?
“Screen door slams, Mary’s dress sways….”
From Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.
Let me know what you go for!
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