The Impact of Poor Sleep

Recent research has shown that poor sleep costs the UK economy £40 bn a year.  Helping people within your organisation to sleep better will improve the overall health and wellbeing of your company. 
We want to help companies reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and improve their staff's performance.


My approach is based on helping people understanding who they are as a sleeper and then helping them make the right changes to their behaviours, environment and mindset to get better sleep. This can be offered through seminars, drop in clinics or small group workshops. The seminars can be targeted at different issues.


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General Sleep

Kids Sleep

Leadership and Sleep

Shift Workers and Sleep

Menopause and Sleep

The seminars can are a minimum of 45 minutes duration to 2 hours dependent on depth of content covered and time available for Q&A sessions. The seminars can be offered in person or via remote webinar link.

Seminars include pre and post visit questionnaires which allows us to get an idea of the sleep issues your colleagues are facing and for us to ascertain what kind of impact the sleep seminars and clinic appointments have had across the workplace.

Some of our corporate clients...

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