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A new baby brings with it a whole new way of life and this doesn't stop at sleep. I offer a service which allows parents to be and parents of babies under 1 year old the chance to prepare themselves and talk through their little one's sleep, how different parenting decisions can affect sleep and help them help their baby get the best sleep possible.

 I do not provide a programme for babies under 1, but I help parents create the right environmental cues and conditions to ensure that their little one develops their all important instinct to sleep and get the good quality sleep which will help them develop.

Sleep is often the one thing that we obsess over as a parent and my approach is to help you, as a parent, understand your baby's sleep, how their genetics and our behaviours and decisions as parents can affect their sleep. 

Choose the service most relevant to you, fill in your details and I will be in touch.

With this option you get:

A 45 Minute appointment to discuss your baby's sleep (in person or via Skype/Facetime)

A Sleep Guide based on the conversation