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There is an epidemic amongst teenagers of poor sleep and I am one of the only practitioners in the UK who is working to address the unique set of issues that teenagers have to deal with when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. I have recently led a Teen Sleep Project on behalf of The Children''s Sleep Charity that has given me a real insight on how to solve this problem

Teens face a plethora of issues that impact on their sleep. From the shift in their body clock, which means the time they start school is totally inappropriate, to the pressure they are put under for academic success, teens live in a world that makes sleep hard to get.

I work with them on their pre-sleep routine, their relationship with their sleep environment and how they sleep at the weekend and in the holidays to build a programme that delivers a great nights sleep, night after night. 

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A Teen Sleep Questionnaire

Teens Sleep Disorder Screening

A Lifestyle & Health Questionnaire for your teenager

A Sleep Environment Analysis of your teenagers room


Based on the information provided I create a bespoke Sleep Programme for your teen that will give them a pre-sleep routine to follow, suggested changes to their sleep environment and advice on how to get them in the right state of mind for sleep.