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Elite sports athletes often have numerous   professionals looking after their training regimes and nutrition, all looking to get those small gains that can have a real impact on performance, but sleep is often overlooked or delivered poorly and I want to change this.


Currently based at The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield I work with individual athletes on their sleep posture, sleep behaviours, sleep mindset and sleep environment from there.  When working with teams there are a number of different options available,


I can visit and deliver a sleep and sport seminar and deliver drop in clinic appointments for poor sleepers, I can offer remote support to those in a team struggling to sleep. However, I often find that an embedded approach often with the whole club/team, using seminars and regular visits to the club to impart information has the most impact in improving sleep.  The work can also extend to include the families of players, their sleep environments both at home and away as all of which can impact on the quality of sleep of the individual.


Support can be offered to every person involved in the club; from the Management,  Academy, to the Women’s team and support staff. With this approach the aim is to truly embed the culture of the club with an appreciation and understanding of the importance of sleep.


Having worked with individual athletes and teams such as Sheffield United and Lincoln City and currently in my third season with Rotherham United, applying the embedded approach to the club and works alongside the performance and medical teams ensuring the first team squad are getting the best sleep they possibly can.


This approach is unique within the football world and has contributed to the relative success the team has enjoyed during my time with the club.

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